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The Sentinel Slash Ficathons

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TS Slash Ficathons
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Welcome to The Sentinel Slash Ficathons!

Round Five, Vices, is now open for sign-ups!

1. Sign-ups will be open through Wednesday, May 13th.

2. Prompts will be posted here at ts_ficathons on or before Saturday, May 16th.

3. Fic will be due on Sunday, July 12th. (You’ll have one week, until July 18th, to post.)

For more information or to sign up, go here.

Want to read the fic from previous ficathons? Master Lists

escargoat will be running Round Five.
Please contact her at escargoat {at} hotmail {dot} com with any questions regarding the ficathon.

The community maintainer is spikedluv.
You may contact me at spikedluv @ livejournal.com with any questions or comments about the community.

(Please note that only mods are able to post to the community.)

The lovely community banner and default icon were created by sori1773.



For additional The Sentinel Communities: Guide to The Sentinel on LiveJournal.

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