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Getting a Sense of Cliches Links List

Time's up!

We’ve all had six weeks to play with Sentinel clichés and now it’s time to give up the goods! Tell us where your story is at!

When your story is posted (in a journal, archive or web page) comment on THIS entry with the following information:

Pen Name (If you have no LJ)
Your Prompt (the cliché and the sense)
Story Title
Location of the story (exact URL, please. No hyperlinks.)
Email address

All stories will be added to the main links posts as time allows. If you can’t post your story today don’t worry. The links will continue to be updated for the next 5 DAYS only. Consider it the grace period.

Remember, all stories are SLASH. No ratings are given or required on the links page. You may assume that all stories contain sexually explicit material.

Feedback brightens the day of all writers. Don’t forget to drop them a comment. However, PLEASE do not leave feedback for any author on this post!

The following is the list of all authors that signed up for the ficathon. If you're not going to be able to participate and would like your name removed from the list just drop me an email at

You can find the original cliché list here.

On to the stories...

admiralandrea :: Ice, Ice Baby
     (Cold/huddling for warmth; Smell)
alee_gothphyle :: Sound Logic
      (Bad guys made them do it; Hearing)
ainm :: Let Me Taste
      (Overheard conversations; Taste)
aka_arduinna ::
     (adrenaline-fueled sex; Touch)
andeincascade ::
      (Childhood Abuse; Smell)
Annie :: Loving Blair
     (Blair dates a baddie; Touch)
Arianna :: Red Star Rising
      (Blair is a shaman; Smell)
astolat ::
     (Matchmaker; Taste)
audrarose :: Touch You
      (Secretly virgin; Smell)
basingstoke :: Nefarious Device
     (Matchmaker; Hearing)
bayleaf ::
     (Another Sentinel/Guide comes between them; Taste)
beachkid :: Retold
      (Blair is a trouble magnet/taste; Taste)
bettyp :: Lexicon
     (Hurt/Comfort; Smell)
brighidstone :: An Empty Sky
     (Hurt/Comfort; Touch)
buffyangel68 :: Feeling Compassion
     (Jim loses a sense/senses out of control; Touch)
calcasieu1959 ::
     (Insomnia; Sight)
castalie :: Even Trade
      (Sentinel/Guide bonding; Touch)
catclaw :: Windows to the Soul: Seeing into Your Soul
     (Govt finds out about Jim's senses; Sight)
cesperanza :: Super 8
     (Old flame returns to cause trouble; Hearing)
Clair Dobbin (Callisto) ::
     (Trapped; Touch)
deannie ::
     (Govt finds out about Jim's senses; Sight)
elmyraemilie :: Just Ducky
     (Blair is a trouble magnet; Smell)
epistrophia :: Good Taste
     (Phone Sex; Taste)
flambeau :: Finders, keepers
     (Kidnapped; Smell)
fluterbev :: Double Blind
      (Hurt/Comfort; Sight)
gardendoor :: Gross Point Sandburg
      (AU Meeting; Touch)
giddygeek ::
(Sentinel/Guide bonding; Hearing)
growly ::
      (Must share a bed; Hearing)
jacquez :: In Conclusion, Cousins
     (Undercover Lover; Sight)
julad :: Limbo
     (Govt finds out about Jim's senses; Sight)
kaethe :: Quarry
     (Cold/huddling for warmth; Touch)
kathi2005 ::
     (Blair gets offered a chance to go on an expedition; Taste)
Karensa :: Hello Dolly
      (Matchmaker; Taste)
kassrachel :: Dreaming
     (Vision quests and spirit guides; Sight)
katrime :: Untitled
     (If we're going to die let's go out with a bang; Taste)
keikokin :: Taste of Love
     (Blair is a shaman; taste)
kimannebb ::
     (Nightmare/Comfort; Touch)
kormantic :: Cold Snap
     (Cold/huddling for warmth; Smell)
ladytygereyez :: That Touch of Wine
      (In Vinto, Veritas; Touch)
lamardeuse :: Rite of Passage
      (Adrenaline-fueled sex; Sight)
lanning ::
     (Overheard conversations; Taste)
LilyK :: Dollars and Senses
     (Family/friends don't approve; Sight)
Lyn :: Eavesdropping
      (Old flame returns/ Hearing)
mab_browne :: Far-Sighted
     (Body Switch; Sight)
corilannam ::
     (Overheard conversations; Taste)
mashfanficchick ::
     (Body Switch; Sight)
merryish ::
     (Friends are betting on them getting together; Touch)
mickeym ::
     (AU meeting; Hearing)
mikou :: The Bell Jar
      (Death confession or realization; Touch)
mistressrenet :: What Dreams May Come
     (Another Sentinel/Guide comes between them; Hearing)
moonglow11066 :: Safe Harbour
     (Nightmare/Comfort; Hearing)
briarwood :: Worth It
     (If we're going to die, let's go out with a bang; Smell)
msgordo :: This Is A Sentinel Thing, Isn't It?
     (Bad guys made them do it; Touch)
noelql :: Blaze of Glory
     (If we're going to die let's go out with a bang; Smell)
juleself ::
     (Kidnapped; Taste)
ozsaur ::
      (Naomi causes problems; Taste)
Peg ::
     (Jim loses a sense/senses out of control; Taste)
pierson ::
     (Insomnia; Smell)
Pisces ::
     (Jim and Blair share a bed; Smell)
polly_b :: A Round of Tumult
      (Trapped somewhere; Hearing)
resonant8 :: Take Seven
     (Amnesia; Sight)
rhianne :: Lucky in Love
     (Friends are betting on them getting together; Smell)
saffronhouse :: His Left Hand
     (Blair gets offered a chance to go on an expedition; Taste)
sanj ::
     (Deathbed confession/realization; Smell)
saurionalpha ::
     (Blair dates a baddie; Hearing)
sherrold ::
     (Pheromones; Hearing)
sori1773 :: Learning Love
      (Our friends thing we're doing it; Sight)
spikedluv :: The Right Guide
      (Pheromones; Sight)
Stormwolf :: Healing Sounds
     (Naomi causes problems; Hearing)
sunglow66 :: Green Eyed Monster
     (Diss comes between them; Taste)
therienne ::
     (All our friends think we're doing it; Smell)
thisisbone :: Fireworks
     (Pheromones; Touch)
timhayes ::
     (Traumatic even from the past comes back to haunt them; Sight)
tommyboybbi ::
      (Amnesia; Sight)
trickabug :: Locals Wait to Talk to You
     (Phone sex; Hearing)
Trisha Allen ::
     (Boyfriend; Smell)
wickedwords :: So-Called Family
     (Childhood Abuse; Taste)
wolfdancer ::
      (Vision quests and spirit guides; Sight)
ximeria :: Sex, Lies, and...
      (Undercover lover; Hearing)

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