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Round 5: Vices - Master Story List

It is indeed time to start posting those fics that you've been working so slavishly on for the past few weeks (or days or hours).

To allow for time zone differences and the hassle of real life, you have from now until July 18th to post your fics. Please post them in an area accessible to your average reader (aka not password protected or a friends locked post).

Once you do that, simply comment to this post with the following information and I'll add it to the master table:

URL: (just the url itself, don’t pretty it up with tags, please)

A big thank you to all the writers who participated this year.

ETA: Posting is now closed for Round 5 - a big thanks to all who participated.

And without further ado:

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TS Ficathons

Round Five: Vices - Soon Coming Posting Period

Time flies when you're thinking of ways to kill the new mod because of the prompts that she gave you.

Because the ficathon didn't start at its normal time this year, I figured I'd put up a reminder that the posting period for your fics will start on July 12th and run through July 18th, so your fics should be completed by July 11th.

If something has come up and you're no longer able to participate, or you just want to send me a tuna casserole recipe, you can contact me at escargoat {at} hotmail {dot} com.

TS Ficathons

Round Five: Vices - Prompts

In the spirit of wanting to lower my chances of getting lynched  niceness, I put together the prompt list today.

While they were not due until Saturday, I figured that having a couple more days of possible procrastination/writing time never hurt anybody.

Your prompts are under the cut below. Remember that your prompts can be used in anyway that you desire.

The prompts were picked by me, but randomly assigned by my number generator for the "fairest" balance that I could have.

You will notice that although I signed up for the ficathon, I did not assign myself any prompts.  It would have been rather unfair, in the spirit of the ficathon, to give myself a prompt as I could've completely controlled what I got.

So, I'm giving all those who signed up the chance to get their revenge on me. You may each assign me one prompt by replying to this post.
If you hated one of your prompts, you can certainly make me share your misery. If you don't want to participate, you do not have to; this is strictly voluntary. My only request is that your prompt (should you decide to give one) fits into one of the three prompt categories.

Without further ado, here are your prompts:
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TS Ficathons

Round Five: Vices

Welcome to the Fifth Round of The Sentinel Slash Ficathon!

This round is set to celebrate our dear Detective Ellison's short career as a member of Vice. Now before you start to worry, this isn't a theme requiring you to write a Vice department story. (Although if you decide to write that, you certainly may.)

Rather the prompts are going to be based on 'vices' that some people have. You will be given three prompts for this ficathon: a Drink, a Dessert, and a Drug.

An example prompt would be something like this:
Drink: Tom Collins
Dessert: Cherry Pie
Drug:  Zantac (And you thought they were all going to be hard-core drugs)

Your prompts are yours to play with in any manner that you choose.

Now that I've rambled on enough, here are the specifics:

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TS Ficathons

TS Slash Ficathon Round 5

As spikedluvmentioned in the previous post, I will be your moderator for the next round of The Sentinel Slash Ficathon.

I know that sign-ups typically have started in March with the fics being due in May, but I think we can all agree that particular timing isn't going to work out this year :)

Of course just because we have missed the normal timing period, it doesn't mean that we cannot still have a ficathon this year. So with that in mind, I will be posting the Round 5 ficathon sign-up sometime within the next week once I get the timing straightened out. 

(It would, after all, be rather embarassing if the mod couldn't be on-line to make the post for the big fic reveals.)

The timing for sign-ups, writing, and posting will remain similar to previous ficathons as will the basic format of the ficathon.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I hope to see you at the sign-ups.
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Looking for new Mod

As much as I hate to admit it, I haven’t been paying Jim, Blair or The Sentinel fandom as much attention as they deserve lately, and I feel that the ficathon should be run by someone who's more involved in the fandom, so I’m looking for someone who is willing to run the ficathon this year, with an eye towards taking it over on a permanent basis.

If you’re interested, or you have any questions, please comment here (comments will be screened) or e-mail me at spikedluv @ livejournal.com.

Thank you.
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Round Four: Cold Case Files - Master List

It’s finally time to share all the goodies! sara_merry99 and I would once again like to thank you all for participating in this round of The Sentinel Slash Ficathons! We hope you had fun with your prompts.

Post your fic in your own LJ or at your website and comment here with the following information:

You have until next Saturday, May 31st to get your fic posted and linked here; after that date the Master List will not be updated. If you will be unable to complete your fic, we’d appreciate you letting us know so we can remove you from the list. Thank you!

ETA 6/1/08: The Master List is final; no additonal links will be added.

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The Great Beta Swap-Meet

We hope the writing is going well for everyone. We've gotten questions about finding beta-readers for stories and we decided to try and make that available through the comm.

Here's how we'll work it:

If you're willing to beta, comment on this post with the subject line: Beta Offer. Include in your comment any preferences (including genres that you don't want to read).

If you need a beta, comment on this post with subject line: Beta Request. Include the length of your story and any other pertinent information.

Keep an eye on this post for offers and requests when we get closer to the deadline.

It's that simple! We hope that this will provide a place where people can find someone to beta their ficathon story.